Cloud service for dynamic local breakouts

What is DBOS

Get improved mobile connectivity for apps and IoT devices with local breakouts

Many telecom and connectivity providers still rely on outdated methods that can cause slow connections and poor user experience.

With DBOS, we can help you break out your data traffic at 28 locations worldwide. That means your data doesn't have to travel back to a home network on the other side of the globe, which can cause delays and problems with things like VoIP and IoT.

DBOS is independent from your provider, allowing you greater flexibility to select what best suits your needs.
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Local mobile connectivity – no VPN required

Lower latency on all devices

Faster internet for things like conference calls, video streaming, and IoT solutions, such as access control or remote management

Monthly subscription service to save money

DBOS doesn't require special contracts or equipment and is easy to use

Localized internet experience

You'll see search results for your location no matter where you are

Easy to use

DBOS takes care of all set-up and maintenance tasks. You connect your back-end and forward your traffic to DBOS

Fast and simple setup


Connect DBOS to your billing or charging system

Connect DBOS to your charging system using Gx or Gy via Diameter or a web API.


Connect DBOS to your CRM or location steering

To dynamically determine the appropriate location for forwarding each PDP request.


Forward traffic to DBOS

Forward your traffic to DBOS by adding the DBOS IPs in your APN DNS or add the DBOS IPs in your existing GTP proxy server.

More about DBOS

DBOS example architecture
Steering API and Capabilities
  • Our API supports steering down to a single IMSI
  • Rules can be based on all available MetaData e.g. IMSI(Range), Time, Visited Network etc.
  • On Demand change of Breakout location
  • Cloud native PGW implementation with active-active-active geo redundant control planes.
  • If a breakout location is not available, traffic will be routed automatically to the next fall-back location.
  • Customer specific location redundancy can be implemented on demand
Supported Transport Protocol Procedures
  • GTPv1 Create/Update/Delete PDP Context Request on Gn
  • GTPv2 Create/Delete Session Request on S5/S8
  • PDP Context Activation/Modification/Deactivation Procedure as defined by 3GPP T 23.060
  • PDP Context Activation/Modification/Deactivation Procedure using S4 as defined by 3GPP T 23.060
  • Intersystem Change Procedures (handover 2G/3G/LTE) as defined by 3GPP T 23.060
Billing and Online Charging Control via Gx and Gy
  • Supported via Diameter as specified by 3GPP TS 29.061 Section 16 or HTTP
  • Credit-Control-Request/Answer (CCR/CCA)
  • Abort-Session-Request/Answer (ASR/ASA)
Add Customer Specific Breakout Locations
  • Supported are VPN/IPSec tunnel to forward traffic for e.g. L2TP
  • Radius Access for IP address management
Traffic Control and QoS Definition via NPCF
  • Supported as specified by 3GPP TS 29.512 Npcf_SMPolicyControl via HTTP Section 5.
  • Steering for breakout location
  • Steering for IP data forwarding at the breakout location
  • QoS max. bandwidth in downlink
  • QoS max bandwidth in uplink
DBOS Service Layer
  • Layer 1 and 2 support via monitoring of each location with Grafana and Prometheus
  • Layer 3 and 4 support via on demand PCAP tracing for in depth debugging
How many parallel data session does DBOS support?

DBOS can support unlimited parallel data session. The system can add more capacity on demand. The capacity is only limited by the number of IP addresses published in the IR.21

How much data throughput does DBOS support?

DBOS utilizes the connectivity capacity of a GCP data center.

Can you provide IR.21 IP addresses for GRX/IPX connectivity?

The IP addresses depends primarily on your own IR.21 publication or the IR.21 publication of your connectivity provider or roaming sponsor.

What is the DBOS contract length?

Minimum contract span is 1 month. We would like to keep our customer because they are satisfied with our service and not locked-in by lengthy contracts.

How long does it take to get DBOS up and running for me?

How long does it take you to update your APN DNS entries? This is usually the bottleneck.

Does DBOS support Deep Packet Inspection?

Due to the fact that more and more traffic is encrypted via e.g. HTTPS DPI solutions are less and less effective. We are experimenting with traffic pattern and behavior to identify different service to support e.g. zero rating offers. However, this is not yet on the production system.

How do I set or switch locations for my customers?

Via a simple API call. You can either set business rules on DBOS or actively switch a location for a specific customer.API call to set the default location for customers originating from a specific country based on the MCC

{"mcc": "262", "location": "de1"}

API call to immediately switch the location for a specific customer based on the IMSI

{ "imsi": "313460000000001", "location": "dk1", "immediate": true}

Do you have business inquiries or questions? Contact us and we will reply shortly

Do you have business inquiries or questions? Contact us and we will reply shortly.

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