Mobile connection for everyone, everywhere

We're working towards a future where companies can easily, securely, and transparently manage their telecommunication services. We help businesses provide faster, cheaper, and more reliable access to mobile data, no matter where they are.

The power of blockchain technology behind our products

Using blockchain technologies and digital currencies, DENT is creating a worldwide ecosystem for buying and selling mobile data and other telco products. Accessible by every person or business.

DENTX & DENT Token – Powering effortless data sharing

DENTX is the native unit of exchange on DENTNet, is used to pay gas fees and secure the network with Staking, while DENT token is the used to buy and sell telecommunication assets in a worldwide marketplace on DENTNet.
How to get DENTX

DENTNet – A new generation of telco infrastructure

With the DENTNet blockchain, we're building the core of a global mobile operator. Services running on decentralized nodes around the world can use by any mobile (virtual) network operator. Offerings to subscribers will emerge to smart contracts on DENTNet.

The vision of DENT Wireless

We outlined our vision for the liberation of the telco industry 6 years ago and are continuing this journey.
Here you can read the original whitepaper from 2017. 

Meet our team

DENT boasts a team of passionate professionals distributed across development, marketing, sales, and support functions.

Thomas Dingler

With a strong background in cutting-edge technologies and as a pioneer of App technology, he developed the first app in Germany for the App Store. Since 2023, he has been CEO of DENT, leading the company in transforming mobile data services with eSIM and blockchain.

Henrik Erkkonen

Henrik has over a decade of experience delivering impactful technology solutions and leading distributed development teams. He drives DENT's technical strategy, drawing from his previous roles as CTO, full-stack developer, and DevOps consultant.

Tero Katajainen

DENT Wireless founder, Tero Katajainen, originating from Finland, has co-founded several internet startups in his 20-year career. As a specialist for large transactional systems, Tero is the mastermind of all tech at DENT.

Andee Vollmer

Andee is our mobile specialist, with over 18 years of experience in the mobile app space.
He leads the business development & product strategy in our team. If you are a potential customer or partner, he might be the first person you talk to.

Mikko Linnamäki

Mikko has been an accomplished internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur since 1994, founding successful businesses like DOVECOT Oy, the company behind the world's most widely-used IMAP Server, with a 76% global market share and 4 million installations.
Telco Architect

Axel Meiling

Axel is our Telco, eSIM, and IoT expert with over 20 years of industry experience. Previously, an engineer and inventor for Nokia and Siemens.

Trusted by global partners


We have been working together for 5+ years in shaping eSIM consumer solutions. Together we enable carriers and other businesses with eSIM capabilities.

DENT x Samsung

We have partnered with Samsung Blockchain to make buying DENTs in your app using other cryptocurrencies even easier.

DENT x Bunq

Bunq is offering its customers worldwide mobile data in partnership with DENT Wireless.

DENT x Apple

DENT is a registered Apple Worldwide service provider, and we have been offering our DENT App in the App Store since 2017.

DENT x Telecom Infra Project

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is an engineering-focused initiative that aims to reimagine how to build and deploy telecom network infrastructure and drive the development of next-generation open components.


The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem.

Do you have business inquiries or questions? Contact us and we will reply shortly

Do you have business inquiries or questions? Contact us and we will reply shortly.

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