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Creating a world-wide Mobile Data Marketplace

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"Blockchain is giving us a robust transaction platform as a foundation for the DENT marketplace. With our easy-to-use apps normal mobile users will find the data package they need easily" says Tero Katajainen, CEO and Founder of DENT Wireless LTD.

We are disrupting the mobile operator industry by creating an open marketplace for buying and selling of mobile data

Our vision is to create a global marketplace using blockchain, where everyone on this planet has the opportunity to buy and sell mobile data packages and liberate mobile data.

The telco industry is a complicated, fragmented mess and so 1990's. There are a handful of telcos in each country, isolated silos that don't interoperate properly with each other on the mobile market. Telco users are stuck in a trap, where their purchased data packages expire every month, even if they paid for it. We are striving to liberate it, while creating new opportunities for telcos too.

The DENT Founder and Management Team

Tero Katajainen

Founder and CEO

Mikko Linnamäki


Andee Vollmer


Ramon Greep

SVP of Telco Operations

Michael Wirth

Director Payment Systems & GM UK & Ireland

Ville Sundell

Smart Contract & Blockchain Specialist

Mark Xu

Country Manager, JP & CHN

Minho Kang

Country Manager, Korea

Three Disruption Megatrends on Mobile Operator Business that DENT is addressing

1. Liberation of Mobile Data. 
The DENT Token will be the world-wide currency for Mobile Data between Telcos and the user community. DENT enables a “Data Sharing Economy” where users are able to freely buy, sell and donate their mobile data, from any user to any user. 

2. Disruption of international Roaming. 
DENT facilitates the removal of data roaming cost drivers, such as expensive routings between Telcos. 

3. Automated mobile data purchase for the best price. 
DENT enables automated purchase capability of data packages for consumers and iOT devices. The user always gets the best price from the most suitable operator in his region, without having to worry about buying too much or too little data. 
DOVECOT Co-Founder Mikko Linnamäki is backing the creation of a global exchange for mobile data, disrupting the telco industry for the better.

As Steve Jobs said: "We need to make a dent in the universe." That's exactly what we do. 

DENT Mobile App

DENT Mobile App on Android and iOS will contain the User's wallet for DENT Tokens and it also has an easy-to use user Interface for buying, selling and donating data packages to other users.
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