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Frequently Asked Questions about DENT

This page contains most of the questions that we often get asked. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our team.

What does your company do?
DENT Wireless is a company with a mission to tokenize, liberate, and democratize one the most important commodities in our time: mobile data and bandwidth. We are developing a marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain for buying and selling of mobile data packages, which can be direct telco products, or originating from users that sell unused mobile data packages to each other.

What problem are you solving?
Mobile data access today is for many people as valuable as hot water or electricity. When we don’t have Internet access, we fear that we are missing out. However, access to mobile data and bandwidth is controlled by just a few companies in every country. The mobile operators keep the supply restricted and the prices high. Unused data allowances are made to expire every month and that creates billions of dollars of profits for the operators at the expense of the user.

We want the user to own their mobile data and bandwidth, they need to be able to freely sell or donate unused data to other users. World-wide.

How are you solving this problem?
To make this change, the telco market needs an overarching marketplace, which will give users and telcos alike the tools to disrupt the current business model by themselves, for their own benefit as they'll profit from repeat sales of data allowances. DENT marketplace will be the global platform for mobile data and to globalize payments, DENT Tokens will be the currency to be used.

DENT is aimed to be the global marketplace for mobile data, where in the best case scenario all the world’s mobile data would be sold and bought and even donated via DENT marketplace, similarly to other commodities like international currencies are traded today. DENT marketplace will give mobile data consumers a direct way to affect the way telcos price their data.

What parts of the Mobile Operator Business will you aim to disrupt?

  • First: We will liberate mobile data help customers to buy, sell or donate mobile data with the click of a button.
    We remove borders and create a global mobile data marketplace with fully transparent data prices. We remove restrictions and wastage caused by limited validities. Second, we help operators to serve more customers and utilize their networks better. Operators can easily connect with the DENT platform to serve a global customer base, without the need to establish silo'ed own platforms.

  • Second: We want to remove the Data Roaming Fees or reduce them to a minimum 
    Very simple. In today's telco world, when you as a US customer are - say - in Sydney, Australia watching a video, all that data traffic is routed from the US. This is obviously not the best economic way and all the data carrier cost, the so-called interconnect cost and the operator margin on-top drives the data price up that you have to pay. We want to short-circuit data access in the most direct way. Internet access will happen where you are, and the cost will be as cheap as if purchased locally. That's called LOCAL BREAKOUT and DENT will be driving the adoption of that.

  • Third: We will drive the Data Sharing Economy
    With DENT, we take the global mega-trend of the "sharing economy" one step further. People are sharing apartments with airbnb, businesses are sharing storage and compute with cloud services, and we for the first time enable sharing of mobile data across any DENT user. The sharing economy optimizes asset utilization and reduces waste, thus driving down prices for everyone.

Who are the Founders / Top Management?
  • Tero Katajainen (Founder and CEO) is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced software architect who founded the predecessor company of DENT Wireless in 2014 to create a commerce platform with advanced algorithms for behavioral analysis of markets.

  • Mikko Linnamäki, (Co-Founder) who is also Co-Founder of DOVECOT Oy, the company behind the Open-Source IMAP Server DOVECOT which has an install base of over 4 million servers and a 72% global IMAP server market share. source: http://openemailsurvey.org

  • Andee Vollmer (Co-Founder) is the Mobile specialist in the team with 12 years experience on Mobile Apps, starting with Symbian in 2005 and today on iOS and Android.

  • Michael Wirth (Director of Payment Systems and GM UK & Ireland) has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects, amongst others he was Director of Products and Services at eNett International, a Travelport company and leading specialist for payment solutions in the travel industry."

  • Ville Sundell (Smart Contract Specialist), who has pioneered smart contract based legal entities, being the first to create companies solely on the Ethereum blockchain without any human intervention through Etherprises LLC. 

  • Dr. Rainer Deutschmann (Advisor) brings in 20 years of telco and tech senior executive experience in companies like McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom and Reliance. Most recently, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Rainer with his fellow leadership team launched Reliance Jio and acquired 100 million customers within six months. Jio disrupts the telco landscape to democratize mobile broadband for the 1.3 billion people in India.

    Please follow this link to the TEAM page for more details...

How does the User-to-User data transfer work? If a user is using mobile data provided by company A, can he/she can just transfer their spare data to someone on another network?
The notion “buying data” is nothing else than getting the right from your telco to send and receive bytes from and to your phone via the telco’s network. The issue DENT solves is, that - unlike fuel - you don’t really own the data you bought, for example you cannot just give it to someone else, or - even worse - you lose the data you bought at the end of the month if not fully used up. So selling mobile data is therefore nothing else than handing over the right to use the telco’s network from you to someone else, for the specified number of bytes. Technically, this is realized by removing the amount of bytes from your telco account, and adding it to the other person’s telco account. This can be realized by leveraging respective functionalities (APIs) that are used today in telcos already, for example when prepaid recharges are applied.

What are the advantages on using Blockchain in this project?
Managing DENT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain gives the marketplace a universal currency for mobile data, instead of having to deal with multiple currencies, both fiat and crypto. The blockchain creates a good fit for the DENT ecosystem, effectively reducing the effort of designing a decentralized system from scratch. The smart contracts provide a trustworthy way of defining the mobile data packages and the process of buying and selling them, while at the same time keeping the immutable ledger visible to everyone, which is a strong measurement against fraud. All of these benefits come "free" with the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain as part of the DENT infrastructure.

In your concept, you mentioned that the devices can automatically purchase data packages from the DENT marketplace, what is the advantage of that?
With our DENT app, customer will be able to  buy, sell and donate data with the click of a button. It also allows for automatic data optimization. For example, when the data usage run rate looks like there will be data "left over" at the end of the month, data can be sold on the DENT marketplace to avoid wastage.

Likewise, when you are running out of data, an automatic re-charge from the DENT marketplace ensures always being connected. The same logic applies to connected machines, such as your connected car, surveillance camera or tracing device. Whenever any IoT device requires data, it can even automatically re-charge through our open DENT marketplace and thus be always connected.

Why are the Mobile Operators not doing this themselves?
Mobile operators are working in silos. Customers are kind of held hostage and cannot easily switch between them. Newer developments point in the right direction, such as with eSIM, the new EU roaming regulation, and mobile data roll-over to the next months. But really operators need someone like DENT to connec the silos and create a global bridge, so customers can freely buy and sell mobile data.
Added benefit is that DENT provides a single platform with a single customer billing relationship that works globally.

Talking to Telcos will be not easy and a challenging. How they will notice you and take you serious?
We are convinced DENT will create a global movement. A movement which no-one and no company can neglect. Transparency, efficiency and lower costs will prevail. We gather a global DENT community of users, who in a way "own" the DENT marketplace because DENT coins are in the hands of our users. Telcos will want to continue to serve the users, and with DENT also get a tool in their hands which opens up a global user base, and a very cost efficient platform to sell data connectivity. 
When Millions of Telco customers with billions of dollars buying power unite themself to collectively demand change, the change will happen. DENT is the central point in this movement.

What is the timeline to get Telcos on board?
We are talking to telcos around the world and will most likely gather a partnership with the first group within the next 6 months. This will likely be a group of progressive telcos, who realize the benefits of being on the side of their customers. Our DENT model has the benefit to be fully scalable. We can start with a single domestic player who wants his customers to be able to easily buy, sell and share mobile data. We can scale to integrate multiple telcos in one market to tap into a wider user base. And of course we will connect multiple domestic markets to facilitate global data marketplace, and a "roam like a local" experience for all users. Of course, we know that dealing with telcos is slow and cumbersome, but with the support of the Token Sale funding, we will have time and scale to do this task.

How big is the market?
According to a recent study of CISCO, the amount of mobile data world-wide grew 63% in 2016, and it was 7.2 billion Gigabytes per month in December 2016. According to a stuy of Parks Associates, the telcos make $386 Billion USD revenue / year with mobile data. That is $32,2 Billion USD revenue for the telcos per month.
If 15% of that is unused data from users, that makes $4.8 Billion USD monthly value for the unused data market alone. 
References: CISCO study about data traffic: http://bit.ly/1W26UQo
Parks Associates Study of Mobile Data Revenue 2015-2010: http://bit.ly/2sGwaar

What are the key milestones for DENT?
The key milestones are:

1. The crowdfunding to scale the development team to launch the DENT marketplace, DENT mobile apps on iOS and Android, and to hire the sales, marketing, support and engineering people to get the operations started at a larger scale.

2. Launching the DENT Community to start acquiring users in key countries to become members.

3. Negotiating with telcos on behalf of the community to liberate the user-to-user data transfer and to connect the telcos to the marketplace.

4. Launch domestic telcos on the marketplace.

5. Launch the international DENT marketplace.

How will DENT make money?
The currency used in trading, the DENT Token, is what powers the platform. The actual sale, purchase and donation of transactions enters the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing ETH. The instruments, i.e. data packages, will be Smart Contracts in the Ethereum blockchain. DENT marketplace will drive Ethereum Smart Contracts, effectively making the system a blockchain-based trading platform. The crowdsale will allow participants to purchase DENT with a low starting price, before it becomes used in the marketplace.

As the marketplace becomes a de-facto place for trading mobile data bandwidth, it will also become the principal method for determining the floating price of mobile data worldwide. Telcos, market participants and end-users will all interact in a true market driven way to determine the current price. Eventually this will lead to increased competition, providing new packages to the marketplace and further enable the DENT marketplace to become the dominant force in the mobile data space, utilizing the DENT currency.

The revenue of DENT marketplace will come from transaction fees via spread and commissions. We will be establishing the DENT Token for these transactions, and our goal is to give mobile operators, consumers, enterprises and other market participants easy tools to compete and run their mobile data needs in the new open world.

What do you expect the data price to be on the DENT marketplace, and how many DENTs will a GB cost?

Currently, data prices vary greatly between different regions of the world, between operators within one country, between night and day, and - above all - it really is not transparent to the user. You can mathematically calculate a global average price per GB, by dividing the global revenue from mobile data by the global data traffic. Result is an average price of around 5 USD per GB, but - again - this is only an average. To make it even worse, this price reflects the actually achieved price that is achieved by the telcos, which is higher than what you think you pay, when you buy a data package. Reason is that the telcos sell data packages and calculated a theoretical price / GB which only applies if you use the entire package. However, as we all know, typically quite some data remains unused and is thus wasted. 

We at DENT feel this is far too expensive, and aim to liberalize mobile data to make it much more affordable for everyone. Key lever is that we take away constraints - in a way we unchain mobile data. I don't want to buy a smaller data package just to not waste any data, and then at the middle of the month discover I am out of data, just to limit myself to avoid overage charges. Likewise, I don't want to switch off mobile data when traveling, just because I am afraid of a huge bill. With DENT we make data available when and where needed. So I can buy mobile data for the days needed, or I can sell mobile data when I have some left.

The beauty of the DENT marketplace is that the data price becomes fully transparent to everyone. We also expect that "data" will be qualified more detailed than today, and data prices will be differentiated accordingly, just like you have different kinds of fuel at the gas station with different prices. Some examples: A GB which I can use for the next 14 days will be more valuable than a GB which expires within the next 24 hours. A GB during a peak hour or in a densely populated area will be more valuable than a GB at night or on the country side. And a GB with a high up- and download speed will be more valuable than a GB at slower speed. Therefore, to answer the question in short: With the DENT marketplace finally we will see the fair market price based on supply and demand, based on the most efficient production.

The aftermarket GB price will be pushed down significantly, as the users can define those prices themselves, and the operators need to follow. So the consumer wins, and this raises demand for DENT Tokens.

What makes you different from the competition?
As we are the first company to create an overarching marketplace for trading with mobile data, our competition comes from the legacy silo approach that currently is the status-quo for telcos. Our Mobile Data marketplace will treat mobile data as a resource or commodity which will be openly traded and priced.

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